What is Koko, and why?

KOKO, or: 'Keep On Keepin' On', brings together a passion for music, lyrics and fashion, as well as trying to keep the earth chugging along for our children.

What is it exactly then?

KOKO is exclusive, eco-friendly, 100% organic merchandise from artists and musicians I'm passionate about, not just merchandise for the sake of it. More than that, all of these artist partners I have built a relationship with through a love for their music and meeting them and building a friendship.

They in turn trust me with providing their fans with top quality personalised merchandise, with designs that you won't find anywhere else, with regular exclusive limited runs and even early bird gig tickets and unique-to-KOKO backstage access competitions.

I'll see you there! 


(Check out the KOKO = Eco page to see why KOKO is on point!)

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