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    KOKO: Eco-friendly Apparel

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Koko - For Aficionados.

Keep on keeping on. For music lovers, style heads and those who care about our planet. Our tees use 7 x less water than the average manufacturer.

A platform for our favourite artists to showcase their talent via eco-friendly design collaborations. Join the KoKo creative party for loads of giveaways, gig tickets and rare artist demos...before they become a thing.

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"We've loved working with Koko to produce apparel that we care about. Their support has been amazing from the start."

Harlequiin - @rorysimmonsmusic


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We sleep easier when we're doing the right thing. Perhaps this is why it's easy to strive for.

That's why after much primary research and sampling, we only use organic cotton from Bella & Canvas, Continental or Stanley/Stella tees.

This means that every one of our tees that are produced are fair trade. They are either WRAP Certified (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) or GOTS accredited (Global Organic Textile Standard), the highest standard for the entire production chain. Suppliers treat their employees with dignity and respect, and are constantly aware of their environmental impact. 

You might pay a pound or two more, or wait a day or two more for delivery, but you're one of the good guys.

For further feel-good info regarding product mission and quality, click 'Read More' below.

Sleep easy friends.

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KoKo x Youth Music

Youth Music’s vision is that one day, all children and young people will be able to have musical lives.

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